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    Chinese Characters

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      This is a strange one.


      I am importing an external XML language file, into Flash. In this XML file are a number of Chinese charaters that I want to use within my GUI.


      There are a number of text fields that I want these chinese characters to be placed.


      When I import the XML file using the Locale class, not all the characters appear. Some do but not all.




      If I manualy place 1 chinese character into each of the text fields at build time, when the XML is imported in at run time, ALL of the chinese characters now display correctly.


      How is this so?


      XML details: -  version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"

      CDATA is used to wrap around the chinese characters.


      Has anyone any ideas here as I would much prefere not to have to place a single chinese character into every text field.


      Thanks in advance.