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    Multiple fields into one Database (MySQL)

    Shailevit Level 1

      I created a table with multiple fields that need to populate a MySQL database, but a bit more complex than mere entry. Each line holds information that is particular to that line and resides in multiple tables that are then related to eachother. Not sure if such a thing is possible with the forms, but here is a detailed explanation and attached form.


      0. Top of form has information about the place and date of visit

      1. Each line holds name (first,last), Room#, Proceedure code, Diagnosis code and f/u date

      2. The tables in MySQL are set up to auto increment - or so I think, when new data is entered

      3. Each line needs to populate a seperate line in the MySQL tables - new entry


      Crux / Q:


      1. Do I still need have an id field set-up in the form? Since the PK of the person must relate to the PK of the other fields.

      2. How do I assign the id's? In the Dataconnections of the form creation there was a method to set the connection type to SQL Query - not sure if that did it.


      Any advice is always much appreciated.


      Was not able to find where to attach the form.