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    version dilemma

    HiTekMom Level 1



      Problem, I have a Flash document created in CS4, but I have Flash MX2004.

      If I download trial CS5 will I be able to save as a MX2004?

      The original .fla doesn't have complicated Action scripting,

      just a simple jQuery slider-type effect.


      If not, can someone on the fourm save my CS4.fla file and save-as MX2004, please?


      Thank you,


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Any version of Flash is only able to save back one version.  So if you had CS5, you could only save back to CS4.  You'll need to find someone who can complete the chain required... CS4 saved as CS3 -> CS3 saved as Flash 8 -> Flash 8 saved as Flash MX 2004.


          If it was created in CS4, there is a possibility it could not be saved back to MX2004 without losing functionality since new features won't be supported, and if it is wrtten in AS3, I can't say for sure what you lose, but it will be a game changer since AS3 didn't exist when MX2004 was created.