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    EMC Documentum Connector


      Hi All,


      I am new to Adobe LiveCycle, I have a task like I have to Integrate with EMC Documentum tool.


      As I am aware I have a Connector for the Same, to access the EMC Documentum.



      I am facing issues as below -


      1) What needs to be configured in adminui part for Aunthetication where I am having Domain name and Which Repository to hit.


      How can I verify whether, I am able to hit the EMC Documentum.


      Pls let me know the steps for the same.



      2) Once it is done, Then From workbench in Services I have various CRC, So how to Create the folder, how to fetch the Images, document

      and How can I access the repository of Documentum to fetch the data.


      Hopefully I will get the Positive response at the earliest, as I have to complete this assignment in a Week Time.


      Thanks in advance.


      Best regards, Varun

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          Hi Varun,


          Looking at the description of the issue you are facing, it seems that you have not configured LiverCycle Connector for EMC Documentum on your LiveCycle set-up. To use the connector component to integrate EMC Documentum with LiveCycle, first you have to configure this component. For this configuration, we need to know the versions of both the products you are using at your end, i.e. LiveCycle version and EMC Documentum version.

          Assuming that you are using LiveCycle ES2 i.e. version 9.0, here are provided some documentation links which will help you to configure Connector for EMC Documentum. With 9.0 version, LiveCycle supports 6.0/6.5 version of EMC Documentum reposiotory.


          You can refer to 'Install and Configure'  documents in 'Installing and Upgrading' section on following link:




          Please choose document according to the appserver you are using.


          In this document you have to refer to section: "Post Deployment Activities" and to follow the steps provided under heading:


          "Configuring the Connector for EMC Documentum service"


          This section will help you to configure the component.

          For help regarding fields on adminUi settings page, you can refer to administration console help, whose link is provided on top right hand corner of the web page.


          Try this steps and let us know if you face further issue in that.


          Best Regards,