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    RH7 HTML - Receive IE script error message when double-clicking link to auto-size pop-up


      Hi, all,


      Anybody ever seen this situation? When double-clicking on a link to an auto-size pop-up, I get the following Internet Explorer script error message:


      IE Script Error.png

      This error also occurs when I double-click the link in preview mode within the project. A colleague that is running the same version of IE with the same settings is not receiving this error. A couple of other co-workers are running a different version of IE, and one gets this error and one does not.


      This error does not occur if you single-click the link (which you would normally do), nor does it occur if you double-click a link to a fixed-size pop-up. Once you receive this message and click Yes or No, the link sometimes works correctly when you double-click. I haven't been able to establish a pattern. Also, if you single click the link to display the pop-up, click off of it, and then double-click the link, the error does not occur.


      As you can tell by now, this problem is kind of hard to pin down. I've done some research and I have yet to stumble upon anything that deals with this issue. Unless there is a solution out there, I can do one of two things: 1) change all of the auto-size pop-ups in the project to fixed-sized, which defeats the purpose of creating auto-size pop-ups, or 2) tell our customer not to double-click links.


      Any advice you could give would be welcome.