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    Contacts in "Manage Trusted Identities"


      In "Manage Trusted Identities" in Reader 9.3.2 I have about a dozen certificates in the "Certificates" section of MTI. In the "Contacts" section there are 0 (zero) contacts. No matter what I do, I can't add contacts. When I select Add Contacts... the dialog box opens; then I select a contact via search; then I select that contact and it shows up in the certificate section below; then I set Trusts; and, finally, hit Import and the Certificate is added to "Certificates" but no new contact is created.


      I can add a "Group" but no contacts to the group since there are no contacts - the Add button in the "Group" dialog box is gray.


      Edit>Preferences>Security>Advanced Preferences>Windows Integration - all the boxes are checked.


      Edit>Preferences>Security (Enhanced) - Enable Enhanced Security and Automatically trust sites from my Win OS security zones are both checked.