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    How do you seek in a streaming H264 mp4 to unbuffered section?


      Hi everyone. I'm working on a video player in flash builder 4 for my company, and I need  to get H.264 videos streaming. I've gotten the mp4 file playing and  buffering, which is great, but when I try to seek ahead to a part that  isnt buffered, the video stops, goes to the start of the video, and will  no longer play. FLV files behave exactly as I would like them to,  meaning they go to selection position and start buffering and playing  from there. Here is my progressiveSeek function:


      public  function progressiveSeek(pos:Number):void {
                   log("progressiveSeek, pos: " + pos);
                    if (!keyFramesSeconds) {
                   var index:Number = findMatchingKeyFrame(pos);
                   offsetBytes = keyFramesBytes[index];
                   offsetSeconds = keyFramesSeconds[index];
                   inSeek = true;
                   videoStream = null;



      keyFramesSeconds and keyFramesBytes are just arrays  that hold the metadata for the seekpoints. This function, when called on  the H264, goes to the beginning and stops the video, but when called on  the FLV, does what I want. How can I do progressive seek for an H264?  Can anyone help me?