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    Flash sdk 3.5 give me a null object reference error.


      I have a componet popuo window buiilt and it has few text and labe and also a combo box. I use popupmanager to load the window first and then give text and combox definitions.  It works fine with Flex SDK 3.2 until I  migrate to SDK 3,5 using FLASH BUILDER 4.0. The window is built with canvas. Here is the code


      1 var pInfo:ParcelInfor=new ParcelInfor();

      2 PopUpManager.addPopUp(pInfo,map,false);

      3 PopUpManager.centerPopUp(pInfo);

      4 pInfo.txtPin.text= "PIN: "+"056197374";

      5 pInfo.multiSel.visible=false;


      It gave me an error on line 4 or line 5. Saying null object of txtPin and null object of multiSel. I know these two component are there in the canvas window. For some reason it looks like these component not fully loaded. It works with SDK 3.2 but not SDK 3.5. Anyone could help will be greatly appreciated? T