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    Yet another HDD config. question


      Right now, my system suffers from disk fetching syndrome, so in the future I would like to buy more hard drives.  I have 6 slots, but currently just have the 2 HDDS.  They are currently in a RAID 0 configuration, hosting all data.


      So to make it simple and disregarding other components of the system.  Assume all the HDDs are the same speed and size.  What would be the best configuration for each of the following?  Please keep it simple:


      3 HDDs

      4 HDDs

      5 HDDs

      6 HDDs


      I realize I'm asking a lot, but everyone else posts their particular configuration and its confusing to know what to do.  It also may help to know that I (right now at least) am working with AVCHD, so it is a tapeless workflow.