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    winfile.cpp-759 error when exporting .flv files

    Eviex Level 1


      Just got over the P2 file problem (stopped using them in CS5, gone back to CS4) and a new problem has occured.

      I have been exporting .flv files since I first installed CS5, suddenly today Premiere crashes when trying to export individual .flv files and so does the media encoder.

      Any ideas?


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          Im having the same problem when trying to save a project to .avi or .mpeg2 file. Just at the start of the saving process the winfile.cpp-759 error appears and then Premiere crashes. This is funny because if I delete some clips from the timeline it exports to avi without a problem. Is there anything wrong with one of the clips or is it a codec problem?


          Would appreciate any help!



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            What operating system? What version of Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder? Have you applied the Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.2) update and corresponding Adobe Media Encoder CS5 (5.0.1) update? What are the characteristics of the clips that you remove that make the problem go away?

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              Toobe Level 1

              I solved it by deleting all audiotracks on my videoclips (which I didnt need anyway). After that it was all good to export to any format.

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                Same here, after deleting the sounds ( unlinking them from the MP42 avi's ) with little endian sound compression, no more errors

                perhaps the same sound compression?

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                  The given problem doesn't have the obvious cause. But it can be avoided.

                  The problem emerges after Premiere import video clips with attached audio files, while 'confoming audio'. After the conforming, the 'broken' audio files cannot be heard with playback, or incorporated in export.

                  There are two solutions to this problem.

                  First: While ripping material, or importnig previously ripped material, import separately audio and video data.

                  Second: If you, while working, run into audio stream that doesn't hear ( because of the given 'conforming' ), edit audio of original clip in some sound editing program ( Adobe SoundBooth, for instance ) by cuting it to new file, resampling it, saving to *.wav ( for example ) and importing it to your Premiere project, replacing the broken audio data.

                  That should do the trick. At least, it did it for me.