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    [CS4 - JS - Mac] Deselect styles from panels

    Emanuele Radaelli Level 1

      It may sound silly but I need to open an ID document and first of all deselect all styles (paragraph, character, cell, table, object) eventually selected form their panel. Is it possible?


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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          I think you are looking for the TextDefault object. This 'holds' the character and paragraph style for a new text frame, and is a Document (and indeed, an Application) default.


          You can set activeDocument.textDefaults.appliedParagraphStyle and activeDocument.textDefaults.appliedCharacterStyle to null (alternatively -- I didn't try -- to the each first item in their respective lists, which ought to be the [None] style).


          Unfortunately, I can't find their Table, Cell, and Object style counterparts. Perhaps they don't exist.

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