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    C++ Runtime Error

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      Runtime error.jpgWhen rendering the timeline in Adobe premiere CS5 I get this error box and the program shuts down. I have downloaded the x64 runtime libraries from Microsoft but this has had no effect. I phoned adobe support but affter an hour and being passed around to five different people all of which asked the same thing name email address product code then they refused to help because it was a volume licenced product and I would be charged for the support. I have had the software for two weeks and have been unable to use it because of this problem. Why are adobe not helping and can anybody help please.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          The first thing that I would look at is this Adobe KB Article. This is most often an OS issue.


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            Thanks for the help


            I tried a fresh install of OS Windows 7 professional 64 bit plus updates. Blackmagic Intensity Pro latest driver, Geforce GTX 285 latest driver, then installed Adobe Production Premmium CS5 plus updates. No other applications were installed. tried the same test of rendering the timeline in Premiere Pro CS5 and the same error occured and closed the application. So does anybody have any ideas.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Remove the BM Intensity and try again.

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                That error box has some info saying, " Program: C:\progra...  "


                I'm not sure but if you place your mouse over that line does it expand and tell you the whole line ....like does it tell you the complete ( not truncated ) information ?  The program will be at the end of the line...


                Or....( I don't remember if this works or not - worth a try ) ..if you right click on that box (the error mssg box when it pops up ) - and then click properties , does it list the entire line ...

                what you would like to know is the complete information that comes after     C: progra....


                That will pinpoint where the error is occurring ....





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                  FX7e Level 1

                  It does seam daft that it does not inform you of the full path to the problem, I have tried right clicking and you can only close it also triied to expand the edge and hover my mouse over but no luck thanks for the response though.

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                    Yes, error messages, in the OS and the various programs, could all be better. The C++ Runtime is an OS error, but between you and me, all programs could be better too. However, part of it goes back to the OS, as if it does not report the issue to the program in detail, no program can possibly know exactly what's going on. It gets even worse in Encore, which uses the Sonic Authorcore, with various Sonic modules. Sonic is notorious for having poor error message, and the modules never "talked" between each other very well, let alone with the OS - really cryptic error messages there.


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                      heh...yeah, it is dumb not to show the whole line...


                      This is 99% probably NOT an adobe program problem...


                      The C++ is a type of programming code which you use to make computer programs ( write programs) and that is compiled into executable programs ( your normal computer program with the exe extension ).


                      That particular error is saying that at some point the code within the program is looking to substantiate something and probably looking for an " OnEvent" piece of code.  In other words, the program is getting to a point where it is being told to do something and then there's no place else for it to continue because it's missing that information...  This could sometimes be because of a damaged registry, or a number of other things...


                      Example: when you put your mouse over a button and it changes the button to a new shape or color ( called a "rollover" ) what is happening in programming land is


                      OnEvent MouseOver " image22.jpg "....which says when you put mouse over that object it changes to the image listed.


                      What's happening with you is it doesn't have the info after the OnEvent...or something similar to that kind of thing.


                      SOOOOO, you need to find out more about the error mssg...


                      I don't know your OS but hopefully you know how to get into your computer "manage" area and look at the event log and error messages listed...you'll get tons of info about the error and events and you can begin to solve problem hopefully....





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                        I use XP ...so you might see different style windows for this...but here's what it looks like to access the error information


                        right click my computer icon




                        click manage




                        click event viewer and expand it  (expand shown on next image after this )




                        click application and check for errors  ...then click system and check for errors




                        If you see an error in the right hand panel ...double click it in the right hand panel...you'll see a bunch of info about the error...


                        Do this for both system and application ....


                        write down info, including what application caused the error...  and see what's going on...

                        enlarge the window and drag columns ( right panel, top of panel ) to see (reveal ) more information


                        Good luck





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                          Also, many error, or warning messages have links. Some of those links are very useful, so follow any/all.


                          Good luck,



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                            FX7e Level 1

                            Had a look at Event viewer in Win 7 64 bit OS and this is the report.


                            Faulting application name: Adobe Premiere Pro.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4bf119d2
                            Faulting module name: Backend.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x4bf0dba0
                            Exception code: 0x40000015
                            Fault offset: 0x00000000001baafb
                            Faulting process id: 0xb1c
                            Faulting application start time: 0x01cb147ac56ebba0
                            Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS5\Adobe Premiere Pro.exe
                            Faulting module path: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS5\Backend.dll


                            I also uninstalled my Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro card and that changed the playback in the sequence to desktop and the sequence rendered ok with no error message. Early days but it looks like it could be the Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro card or preset that is causing the problem any Thoughts.

                            I edit HDV footage and I am using the Blackmagic DVCPROHD preset for the sequence that is producing the error message.

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                              Harm Millaard Level 7

                              Don't know about the BM card, but HDV material is best edited in a HDV preset. The reason I mentioned removing the BM card, was that some people have had difficulties with the BM drivers with CS5.

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                                FX7e Level 1

                                I do like the option to view the output from the timeline on an HD TV that’s what I got the BM intensity card for, plus they are supposed to be an Adobe Partner. They are proactive in their driver issue so hopfully i get a solution soon.

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                                  Harm Millaard Level 7
                                  They are proactive in their driver issue so hopfully i get a solution soon.


                                  I hope they will come up with a solution, but proactive??? That I seriously doubt, but then I am privy to some more information, but NDA....

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                                    FX7e Level 1

                                    Well they have regular updates. So what do you recommend dump the card till they get ther act together, can you suggest an alternative card/solution.

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                                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                                      Most video cards support dual monitors. You can set it up that one monitor is your editing screen, and the HD-TV is used as the second monitor. If you use dual monitors plus the HD-TV, that does not work. But BM has now had two additional months to alleviate the driver problems and I guess that they would not need much longer to solve their issues.


                                      You did check on the Microsoft site that you have the latest C++ libraries installed? Check the version numbers very carefully and the version of Windows that they are intended for. This is not very clear, so check that carefully. Beware that CS5 installs new versions of these libraries, so be careful not to break the CS5 required libs.

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                                        good going on diagnosing your problem. Harm was right...it's your card


                                        It's causing the    BACKEND.DLL  file to error


                                        Updating C++ runtime probably won't help right now.....here is a recent post by other users of black magic card




                                        <<<<<Next one, Try to render a small work are section, to receive a runtime error Backend.dll. This is an Adobe file except I tried to render the same thing with an Adobe preset in which it worked fine. >>>>>




                                        Maybe, as Harm suggested, black magic will eventually fix the problem but right now it looks like they have not.





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                                          FX7e Level 1

                                          Thanks to everyone who has helped me here. I think only time and BM driver developers will cure this issue, untill then I will just have to work around it.




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                                            Erwin B Level 1

                                            Hi I am the one that posted the disscussion on the cow site. Blackmagic support say unless they can reproduce these problems or unless more users with the same problems come forward, they will take it more seriously. So you may want to report this issue with blackmagic.

                                            You probably don't have to remove the card just use adobe presets and go into preferences and select audio hardware and choose "premierepro wdm sound" then go down to player settings and choose Adobe player instead of Blackmagic, to be sure the card will not be used, like when you open a clip in source monitor.

                                            As soon as i stopped using the Blackmagic Intensity Pro, All my problems dissappeared.

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                                              FX7e Level 1

                                              I have contacted BM today so will wait to hear from them, with the card installed it knocked out my Premiere Pro WDM sound and Creative ASIO as well with the card removed these work ok so I think there is a lot more issues with their cards. I will experiment further and see how I get on.