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    Can't export all pages or preview all pages in browser


      My collegue and I are prototyping web applications in Fireworks for the first time, I am working in Fireworks CS4 on a Mac running 10.6.3, she is working in CS4 on a PC running Windows 7.


      We've been working off the same multi-page template PNG file (Save as, and then editing it for whichever part of the project we are working on) that resides on our server. For me, this has gone fine, for her, editing the PNG is fine. But when she goes to (a) Preview all pages in browser or (b) Export all pages HTML and CSS she immediately gets a "Cannot be completed. Parameter missing." error. She can export and preview the pages individually with no problem. And she can export to a PDF.


      Here are the solutions/problem solving tricks we've tried so far:


      • Opening and then exporting/preview the files on my Mac. Receive the error: "Could not complete your request. An internal error occurred."
      • Have her open my files on her PC and see if she could export/preview them. She could.
      • Checked fonts (only font used in any of the files is Arial)
      • Tried various browsers as the primary browser (Firefox, Safari, IE)
      • Made copies of her files through the Finder on my Mac, no change.
      • Deleted all hotspots and slices in her files, no change.


      I'm starting to wonder if there is a program error with her version of Fireworks that is corrupting any file she opens. I just went to open our template file (that has had no changes done to it other than Open and Save as) and it now won't export or preview either. I doubt it is a memory issue, considering the template file is only 400kb and we both have very robust production computers.


      Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Also, please let me know if there is any needed information I left out.