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    How to blur face


      I have a minute long video where I am following a person walking and filming his back. The person stops and when he turns around I want to blur out his face. How do I go about doing this. I have tried using the fast blur effect but it blurs the whole video. I also tried to use motion track but couldn't get this to work either. I am using Premiere Elements 8 on windows 7. I am new to this software and this might be very easy to accomplish. Any Help would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can do it with the Track Matte.


          I have a how-to chapter on the Track Matte in my new book. I think it's the sample chapter on this page.



          If you like it, why not order the book!

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Steve's link is probably better, as it is specific to PrE, but here is one TUTORIAL for Premiere, and the theories are the same.


            Here is another TUTORIAL, and one would have to interpolate, as it is for softening skin tones, and you want more Blur, but again, the theory is the same. This one is done in PrPro 2.0, IIRC.


            I also did a step-by-step on "highlighting a moving object," but it's also focused on PrPro. In that case, we altered other aspects of the dupe image with Track Matte Keying, but one could do that with Blur, rather than Levels. If it would be of use, I can link to it too.


            Good luck,