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    Random Error 2046


      Ever since I upgraded to flashplayer 10 and Flex 4 I have been getting random error 2046 on my Linux system.  I am using no RSL's in my application.  I am using the open source flex-4.0.0 sdk and compliling with an ant build file. No changes have been made to the default framwork config file.  The application will load fine in firefox or flashplayerdebugger and I can reload it several times with no problems.  Then at some point the application won't load and a "Error 2046" message is inserted into by application instead (I will try to remember to take and post a screen shot when it happens again).  If I simply exit Firefox or flaashplayer and reload everything is fine again.


      This is not a major problem for me when developping but I am worried about it happening when I install it for production use.  I have read threads that indicate that this is only a Linux problem and the production environment is Windows based,  but I would like to know what is going on before I proceed with the installation.