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    Error message in ehlphtm.js

    Margaret Becker Level 1

      I have recently moved to RH8, and am now getting an error message when I use the RH Previewer:


      "An error has occurred in the script on this page.

      Line: 2856

      Char: 3

      Error: 'style.pixelLeft' is null or not an object

      Code: 0

      URL: file:///C:/docs/src/Rhino%20V5/en-us/Help/ehlpdhtm.js"


      Any ideas?

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          Amebr Level 4

          I think I remember someone suggesting to run "Update DHTML Effects" or something like that (I think I remember them saying it fixes a bunch of stuff, so it might help with this). I don't have access to RH8 at the moment, so I'm not entirely sure where it appears - maybe Tools.


          Make a backup of your project first, just in case things go pear-shaped.

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            Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



            Amebr is right. After upgrading to a new version of RH8, you should always run 'Update DHTML effects in topics'. This will fix many things in your topics.






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              Margaret Becker Level 1

              I did all this. It fixed nothing. Sorry.


              I have tracked this problem to a hyperlink in the footer of the master page. If I have the hyperlink, random topics using the master page display this error message. If I don't have a hyperlink in the footer, everything works. I would like to have the hyperlink, but I have not found a way to solve this problem.


              By the way, I had to remake this entire project. The only way to consistently get topics to work right was after doing all of the conversion and importing, I simply pasted an older copy of my topic over the "converted" one. This made everything work perfectly. What a pain!! Otherwise, I suffered from broken links, topics cut off in the middle with text replace by two backslashes, fpj files not being created or updated, styles going berserk. It has taken me three weeks to convert my project to RH8. There were no good answers to any of my questions about these problems either. I'm pretty disappointed.

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                Brad55 Level 1

                I have had about the same problem when placing a Back to Top link on the master page and found out that it won't work if your project has pages under folders it will not read up a folder level. But most the time i get an error like yours it's has bad code in some DMTHL (dropdown box or epanding text) i have made fixes by coping the text putting it in NotePad and then coping the text again and placing it back in. If this link was a link to something out side your project like to another web site it should work fine but it will not jump to another page in your project unless it's in the same folder.

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                  Margaret Becker Level 1

                  Well, I've looked at every possible DHTML link with no success. I can copy stuff and replace it or just open a textpopup link and everything appears to be working, but later when I open the topic again, the problem reappears. Removing the internet link in the footer seems to be the only solution I have found. Darn it.


                  Thanks for you help

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                    Brad55 Level 1

                    Let me ask you one or two questions.


                    1.) Do you have any graphics in your footer on your master page?


                    2.) Do you have anything in the footer of your master page?


                    If the answer was no to both above then you can place a link in the footer of each page and yes you would have to do it for each page, I know that's not what you wan to hear I don't either some times.


                    I have done something like what you think about, I place a graphic in my master page in the footer but that's all, now on each page of the project i have a See Also Button at the bottom left plus a Back to Top link. This Back to Top link in RoboHelp is # but linked to the words. The special thing about the Back to Top link is it is centered and on the same line as the See Also button but in reallity the Back to Top is the next line I have the paragraph set at

                    -22 so the text looks like it's on the same line. Now once i have made one is all i have to do is copy and paste the two lines as one to all my pages.


                    I really dint think it was stright DHTML code that was messed up just code it self. I have noticed that RoboHelp 8 does strange things to the HTML code.

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                      Margaret Becker Level 1

                      1.) Do you have any graphics in your footer on your master page?




                      2.) Do you have anything in the footer of your master page?


                      Yes. Text with a link to an email address.


                      I put a link on each page in another project and it was a nightmare. This project has over 1000 topics that need this link. I don't wanna do it this way. This seems to me to be a bug.


                      Thanks again.

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                        Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Hi Margaret


                        Sometimes we find links to be troublesome in Footers and Headers. Especially if your project is organized into folders. This is because RoboHelp tries to amend links so they work properly if the Footer or Header is associated with a topic residing inside a folder. The Master Page is always at the root of the project so RoboHelp attempts to correct this behavior and it ends up breaking things sometimes by adding the HTML shorthand to navigate a folder structure.


                        One possiblity would be to use JavaScript to perform one or more "document.write" functions to create the link(s) you desire. By taking this approach RoboHelp should then leave the script intact and not mess with anything.


                        Cheers... Rick


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                          Brad55 Level 1



                          I have had problems with this error coming up on some pages and have found that it is bad code on that page, it did not refer to the java script, but it was always “An error has occurred in the script on this page” and “Error: 'style.pixelLeft' is null or not an object”.


                          Ok let’s try and run this bad boy to the ground.

                          You said it does this on random topics does it do it on all topics, if not then it might be just those pages that have bad code, plus when I get this error I open the page up in Dreamweaver and go to the line it is telling me to and I see nothing about 'style.pixelLeft’. One of the reasons I say that, is because each time you generate or publish your files RoboHelp rewrites this java script “ehlpdhtm.js.”

                          I know you don’t want to hear this but I just put an email link in my footer of the master page and the project is a 200 to 300 page project and it works with no problems.

                          Seeing how you imported this project in from an older version it could have changed some of the code on those pages. Is anything else out of place on those pages if so that may be causing the problems? If there is and it has to do with a drop down or expanding text look at the code just above it or replace the dropdown or expanding text with a new one. I have found that if text, bulleted list, dropdown, or expanding text is messed up most the time it has to do with something just above it.


                          Oh just asking but do you have RH8 patch 1 and 2 installed? Just a warning on this make sure you install patch 1 then patch 2 we had problems when our IT just installed the second patch, they had to reinstall them by installing 1 then 2, still get having some problems but not as many.