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    Missing Shockwave Decompression XTRA error


      Can anybody tell me what's up with the "Missing Shockwave Decompression XTRA" error all my old .dcr files? Nothing has changed about the files in 10+ years. Is it related to the newer versions of the Shockwave? Is there really a full version of Shockwave that has this XTRA in it, as I've read?


      If so, is there a way to prompt the browser to download the full version instead of the default shockwave version?



      Here's the page I'm testing on: http://www.yukyuk.com/yy_heavy_melvin.shtml



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          Dee McDee Level 2

          I just tested it and it appears that the SWA Xtra is no longer part of the standard Shockwave 10 download (note that backwards compatibility is available only on the PC).

          The problem is easily solved by adding the Xtra to your Movie Xtras. Do this:

          • Go to Modify --> Movie --> Xtras...
          • Click Add...
          • Select swadcmpr.x32 from the list
          • Click OK
          • Make sure Download if Needed is checked (uncheck and then recheck to make sure the Xtra is available)
          • Click OK
          • Publish your Movie


          You may want to uninstall Shockwave and then let it auto-install to be absolutely certain that all required Xtras download correctly.


          I hope that helps.

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            luckypencil Level 1

            Thanks for the response Dee,


            It's good to know there's a way include the XTRA in the dcr file itself. That would be the ideal fix here, I think.