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    Public Library eBooks on the iPad

    Fran22431 Level 1

      Is there any way to read eBooks from a public library on the iPad?


      Thanks, Fran

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          Unfortunately the iPad is not currently by Adobe Digital Editions.  Found out the hard way this morning...


          Anyone at Adobe can tell us if there are plans to add support for the iPad?

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            I put in a request to Adobe that an app be created for Adobe Reader for the iPad/iPhone in June.  Perhaps if others would also request this app, development would be faster.  I too would like to be able to read ebooks from the library on my iPad, as well as those I have purchased from the Sony Reader store.

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              JJLBG Level 1

              Good point koklbr.  I have submitted an enhancement request using their Feature Request form.



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                I received an iPad for Christmas.  Just spent time on the phone with Apple, who suggested I call Adobe and gave me thier number.  Then Adobe said they couldn't recommend apps for the iPad.  I'll request that Adobe create and app for ereading on the iPad.

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                  Hi, I had an Elonex e-reader which relied on Adobe for downloading and reading ebooks. I only ever managed to download and read ONE ebook and had loads of problems with Adobe. I bought an ipad a few months ago and download books through the ibook and Kindle apps with no problems at all. I would never, ever use Adobe again. I had nothing but problems and their technical support didn`t help at all.

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                    Jim Lester Level 4

                    Look at Bluefire Reader. It support Adobe DRM and specifically library books.

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                      JJLBG Level 1

                      I can vouch for this answer.  I have tried the Bluefire reader on my iPad and was able to read my library books.


                      I came across it when I went looking for French books.  Archambault (jelis.ca) uses Adobe Digital Editions and recommends the Bluefire reader.

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                        Hi Jim


                        I just downloaded bluefire to my ipad but can't figure out how to get my library books into it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Was using Overdrive but it will not activate my adobe i.d. keep getting errors but it was easy to download books from the library

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                          wolfie2002 Level 1

                          Thanks so much. Figured it out with the link.


                          Thank you

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                            Check out which program is supported by your local Library, my library uses Overdrive Media free download in App store.

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                              safaricat2 Level 1

                              I was also having error messages when trying to authorize my Adobe ID I posted how I was able to get it activated here





                              This is copied from an email i received from Adobe regarding Bluefire. I haven't downloaded it as I was able to get Overdrive working


                              1. Download Bluefire Reader for Ipad.




                              2. Authorize with an Adobe ID


                              Authorization is a simple process where you're asked to enter an Adobe ID and password so that your copy of Bluefire Reader is able to read Adobe eBooks.


                              When Bluefire Reader launches for the first time, it asks if you'd like to authorize the application. If this is not the first time you're opening the application, you can authorize or de-authorize from the application's Info Screen. To bring up the Info Screen, select the Info button from the Main Toolbar of the application.


                              If the application has not yet been authorized, simply tap the Authorize button in the Info screen to start the process. You'll be prompted for your Adobe ID and password. If you don't already have an Adobe ID, tap the red button in the upper right-hand corner to get one.


                              3. Transferring eBooks


                              For iPad, you can use iTunes to transfer files between your computer and an app on your device that supports file sharing.


                              1. Connect your iPad to your computer.


                              2. In iTunes, select your device (below Devices), and click the Apps button.


                              3. Scroll down to the "File Sharing" section. Select the Bluefire Reader app from the list, and click Add.


                              4. In the window that appears, select a file to transfer, and click Choose. If you bought a DRM-protected Adobe eBook, it should be in a folder called "My Digital Editions" which is in your "My Documents" folder.


                              The file is then transferred to your device, and can be opened in the app you selected in step 3.

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                                I'd been stuck with downloading my ebooks for 3 days already. Kept having this error  " ACS4 Authorization Error:-1001 An unexpected system error occurredvwhile trying to contact the Adobe servers."


                                It was working fine with my iPad 2(wifi) 1 wk ago. But after the recent overdrive updates, this error appear.


                                Does anyone has any idea how to resolve this?



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                                  safaricat2 Level 1

                                  I think there may have been issues with the Overdrive update and Adobe Authorization as I had the same problem with the ACS4 Error 1001. So I deactivated my acct and tried to re-activate and started getting the Adobe Authorization Error 256 message every time I tried to authorize and it was not working for 3 days. I did delete Overdrive from my iPad ( not recommended unless you have to) then reinstalled, then I synced my iPad to my computer. Still couldn't get it to authorize.


                                  This is what I did and was able to get it working...


                                  In settings (in Overdrive) at the top it should say Adobe Authorization, click authorize it should ask for your ID and password click authorize may take a minute, if that doesn't work I did the following.

                                  In settings I turned off Auto play, Cellular download, automatic downloads and auto check messages. I then tapped clear deleted titles even though there weren't any, then I tapped check for messages.clicked ok when it said there were none. Then clicked Authorize, tried two times with everything off then when it didn't work I turned on all the settings I had turned off ,did the Authorization again and it worked. I was able to download the books from the library directly from my iPad.


                                  I hope this helps, I know how frustrated I was when I couldn't get it to work!


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                                    Level 4

                                    Remember that Adobe Digital Editions does not support the iPad directly.

                                    So, any issues you have will be related to some other software/hardware