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    help with lingo game

      Hey guys,

      i'm making an adventure style game using lingo. But i can't figure out how to make my sprite transport from room to room. I'd like the character to go up to the door either push space or click on the door (maybe a notice comes up?) then appear in another room.

      I've looked for tutorials on this kind of thing but have been unsuccessful. Can anyone help me? I learn better from one to one and would really appreciate anyone with some spare time. I have a private email address is this is better.

      Thanx so much guys. x
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          Is this a 2D game or a 3D game? To start with, would it be enough if the player were to click on the door? Are you familiar with the basic navigation concepts in Director, such as...

          go marker("marker name")
          go frame X of movie ("movie name")


          Have you explored these as ways to get from one room to another?
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            hayz222 Level 1
            it's a 2d game. I've figured out the marker thing now and i'm happy with clicking on the door rather than using space bar to go from room to room. I wonder if you could help me with a new problem though? lol, here it is;

            Hey guys, can anyone help me?

            Here is some script that makes my character obviously move and detects walls. I would like to modify the script so that when my character hits the right keydown, the sprite changes to cast member "right". I have tried and so far all i have done is succeed in making the cast member change but this then deactivates the walls. Any ideas??

            on exitFrame me
            if keyPressed(123) then
            end if

            if keyPressed(124) then
            end if

            if keyPressed(125) then
            end if

            if keyPressed(126) then
            end if

            on move me, dx, dy

            oldRect = sprite(me.spritenum).rect
            newRect = oldRect + rect(dx,dy,dx,dy)

            hitWall = FALSE
            repeat with i = 2 to 30
            if sendSprite(i,#hitWall,newRect) then
            hitWall = TRUE
            exit repeat
            end if
            end repeat

            if not hitWall then
            sprite(me.spriteNum).loc = sprite(me.spriteNum).loc + point(dx,dy)
            end if

            Many thanks.