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      I have built a project (3.75 minutes) in PremierePpro CS5, consisting of AVCHD, stills, and audio tracks. It plays correctly in that application. I then use 'dynamic link' to send to Encore  CS5 - that seems Ok. However, when building (for DVD) the project (and other similar) appear to get about 3/4 way through (according to the progress bar) then 'freeze'. On cancelling, I get the message 'encore not responsing', followed by 'premiere pro not responding'. Ive tried other methods of getting the project into Encore, but the results are the same.


      Any ideas?


      System W7 64; Processor: I7 980X Extreme 6 core 3.33hgz; 12MB DD3 ram; SSD 240 GB (4 in raid 0) - 50% of drive space available. Memory usage set to 'performance'.



          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >Ive tried other methods of getting the project into Encore


          What other methods?


          Are you absolutely 100% sure you do not have a gap in the timeline?


          I have read other messages that having a gap in the timeline... even just one frame... will cause problems


          Are you using long file names, with spaces?


          I've also read that even though long file names with spaces are allowed in Windows... they can cause Encore problems

            Matilda10 Level 1

            Thanks for your response, John - I should have spelt out 'other methods'... I have tried (a) Adobe Dynamic Link; (b) Export - Media - Encore. I do have long file names, so will set about fixing that now, to see if I get a result. I will also CAREFULLY examine the timeline (I assume you mean gaps in vision, as the audio is one continuous (music) track (with other sound fx tracks)). I have just come across to PP, so I'm learning as I go along. Please bear with me!



              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I never use long file names, so do not remember if it is the LENGTH that causes problems or the use of a SPACE between words


              As far as gaps in the timeline... I have never had any, so do not know if video or music gaps will cause the problems


              These are just things I've read about and made mental notes... but, obviously, not complete mental notes


              If you export your Premiere timeline as AVI and that doesn't work in Encore, I'd guess you have a problem somewhere in the timeline

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                The gaps that cause the most errors are where the Video is shorter, even by a couple of Audio Units, than the Audio.


                For file names, it seems to be three issues: number of characters (do not have a max), special characters and also spaces.


                While I never had issues with spaces, so many others did, that I changed my naming convention.



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                  Matilda10 Level 1

                  Thanks Bill, John, for valuable information.


                  I've been doing some tests, and it seems, came to an incorrect conclusion in the first instance - blaming Encore! (the issue certainly appeared in Encore after sending the project by dynamic link) - however, the project 'hung' just the same and failed to render in Premiere CS5.

                  I will certainly now have a close look at the sequence itself, armed with the advice I have been given. I expect that if I continue with this issue, I'll have to change threads to the  Premiere Pro stream. I'll still post the outcome here, in any event.


                  Thanks again,



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    One posting option might be the Hardware sub-forum in the Premiere hierarchy. If you are getting the same results in both En and PrPro, then it is likely a hardware (or OS) issue. Many of the same folk frequent both the Hardware and the PrPro CS5 fora, so the exact location of the post might well be moot.


                    Cannot recall if I posted the Tools article, where Harm Millaard lists a bunch of utilities for hardware, and software troubleshooting, but if I did, you might want to mention that you have that, to save Harm, or others, having to find the link to it. Also, when you post, go into as much hardware and software info, as you can, as you will otherwise be asked for it, and having it in the OP will be very helpful.


                    Good luck, and I'll follow that thread, to see what the solution is,



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                      hclmed1 Level 1

                      This remains a problem. It may be avoided, occasionally, by disabling then enabling DVD/Bluray drive. I'm using a 1 month old, fairly stock, HP Quad core i7 930 with 12GB RAM and 64bit Windows 7. When I launch Encore CS5 for a Premier Pro project, either through the dynamic link, or directly from the saved Encore project, 9 times out of 10, unless some unknown set of circumstances charms it, including often, but not always disabling/enabling the Blueray drive, Encore freezes, stops responding while transcoding. All eight of my processor threads flat line. Has this product been beta tested?

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                        hclmed1 Level 1

                        Well thanks. That seems like vital information that should be published in the release notes or some other bulletin. I'm trying that now.

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                          hclmed1 Level 1

                          Ok. At least for me, tag this one solved. It's fortunate Jeff, as someone informed, was monitoring this thread, because this problem is/was pretty debilitating. Again, I don't know why that link isn't at least a prompt during the standard installation, if not allowed by Roxio as a direct install. I assume Roxio has some patent on what seems to be a function that is vital to Windows 7 control of a media burning device. Since the major components of CS5 Production require 64bit Windows, I imagine more than a few users have Windows 7, and it's not dependably producing any DVDs without this patch:


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                            Jeff Bellune Level 6



                            You're welcome!


                            If you don't mind, could you please tell me what version of PxHlpa64.sys is installed on your system?  The file is located in

                            C:\windows\System32\drivers and the version should be  The reason I ask is that this is supposed to be a CS4 and earlier issue; it shouldn't happen with CS5.  If there is an older version on your system, this could be a bug.




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                              hclmed1 Level 1

                              The version of PxHelp64 is indeed version, (dated 7/9/2009). Production Premium CS5 is the only Adobe software that has been installed on this system. I'm not sure if that explains why the Roxio patch fixed the problem, or if I just got lucky with my last DVD. I'll try another one shortly.


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                                hclmed1 Level 1

                                Not good. It was wishful thinking, and a coincidence  that a DVD worked after the patch. As I mentioned there's some combination of disabling/enabling the DVD and rebooting, a so far non-deterministic sequence that finally allows one DVD to burn. How can this be explained on essentially a brand new fairly hefty Windows 7 64 bit machine, running almost nothing else. Is anyone else able to use Encore on Windows 7? Isn't that the target market that one would think was verified before this release?

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                                  Jeff Bellune Level 6

                                  What software came with that HP computer?  Anything that relates in any way to your DVD burner?  You probably got some sort of DVD player/burning/data suite with it.  If any of that software is running in the background, or if any of its DLA modules are active, then it could interfere with Encore's burning.  This type of conflict happens often with new computers that haven't been purged of the "free" software that came with the machine.


                                  One way to test to see if anything is interfering: try building a disc image instead of burning a disc.  Does it work?



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                                    Yes, it comes with all sorts of DVD related apps.


                                    It looks like CinemaNow Inc., CinemaNow Media Manager is the only one that runs a background service. I'll turn that off and see if it has an effect. (There's also the LightScribeService Direct Disc Labeling Service, which  is a COM service that doesn't seem like it would interfere). Hopefully the CinemaNow process explains it. If so, that conflict should be broadcast, since this has to be a pretty common configuration for current, mainstream equipment. Thanks again for the follow up.

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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                      For some tips and suggestions, see this ARTICLE and the links contained within.


                                      Good luck,



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                                        hclmed0 Level 1

                                        I disabled both the CinemaNow and LaserScribe service. That didn't immediately fix the problem, but I've been able to write 2 DVDs in a row since a reboot with those services disabled. Trying for 3 in a row now. When it isn't working, there's no message about not finding the burner. It simply freezes while transcoding, listing the program as non-responsive.

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                                          Jeff Bellune Level 6

                                          Let us know if you go 3-for-3.



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                                            hclmed0 Level 1

                                            This never went 3 for 3. I've had to move on to other things. I was hoping to come back and find a fix for this, but this seems to be a chronic problem in Encore CS5 on a standard HP workstation. I'm amazed that this mainstream a product seems so unstable. Maybe its due to the 1 hour length of the clip, but Encore just cannot reliably render a DVD. And there seems to be no formula for how this fairly fully equipped system can be adjusted to prevent a DVD render from just silently petering out. It just stops progressing at a random point during the transcode. It doesn't even declare itself as not responding until I try to cancel it. But the fact the an 8 processor system just goes idle for hours after the launch, probably 9 times out of 10, prevents this application from being useful.

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                                              Is the freeze typically on the same spot??


                                              I used to get AME doing the same thing...I would go into the preferences and enable "view preview", and have found that the same frame causes a freezeup...

                                              I came to the conclusion that it was a bad frame at that point...


                                              What i'm saying, is encode in AME, rather than Encore, and see if it's freezing up...Set an in/out point  from half way to the end, so you don't have to do the whole video..Save some time...


                                              If you get freezing on the same frame everytime, then i'd suspect it's an internal issue with a filter or rendered file...

                                              Take it one step further, and you can dump all rendered footage, and empty out your cache.....


                                              Reopen the project, and let PPro rebuild...

                                              Then try re encoding...

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                                                hclmed0 Level 1

                                                Unfortunately this is not media related. It intermittantly will actually encode. There doesn't seem to be a reliable sequence, but some combination of uninstalling and resinstalling the DVD burner, (Bluray, HP BD-RE BH30L), and rebooting eventually, (not always), restores it. The many attempts to restore Encore into a working state unfortunately often takes more time than composing the project it's supposed to burn. There must be some explanation for why, after starting  normally, and without any error message, the processors just go idle and the project just sits there unresponsively, but doen't even indicate that its not responding until I attempt to cancel it.

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                                                  I'm getting a similar lock up of Encore CS5 when building a DVD.


                                                  The source has already been rendered in PP using the AME MPEG DVD settings that follow the source material (24p DV).


                                                  It locks up during the same process each time. The DVD spins up to speed as if it is writing but the progress bar stops about 10% and never moves. I can't cancel the process (it asks if I want to cancel but nothing happens). I can't eject the disk. It continues to spin even through a restart (but I can eject at this point). Windows continues to function fine throughout (for other things).


                                                  The resulting DVD has only about 10 seconds of the opening menu but then locks up (so nothing past that ever got written).  Maybe there's a problem with the menu video or audio?  I'm using the NTSC wedding monogram menu with a 16 bit 44.1khz wav file for audio.


                                                  Note: Building to an ISO file instead of direct to DVD works fine. I then use imgburn to make the DVD. I'd just prefer it worked without the extra step.


                                                  PC Specs:

                                                  - Gigabyte EX58UD5 Motherboard

                                                  - Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.66 GHz (not overclocked)

                                                  - 12 GB of RAM

                                                  - WIn7 Pro x64

                                                  - Sony Optiarc AD-7240S DVD burner

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                                                    hclmed1 Level 1

                                                    I may have had a breakthrough in  that, after removing several media converter apps, I now seem to have  dependable DVD production. I thrashed around and removed a few things  before I checked again, but my suspicion is that ffmpeg might be the  culprit, (but I don't have time to reinstall it to verify that notion  now).


                                                    I'm happy if that fixes the problem, but still can't  help but feel that it's a program flaw if its able to zone out so  silently, without an error message, or even reporting that it's not  responding, (but just perpetually idling). That was a frustrating and  erie problem that I hope can a least be improved on to the point of  crashing with some kind of diagnostic if not surmounting whatever the  conflict is. So far, 4 DVDs without a hitch. Yea.

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                                                      hclmed1 Level 1

                                                      Sad to say that was not a simple answer to this problem. This app remains capable of simply going idle, without any error indication, and with no particularly repeatable pattern. The system I'm using is a modern, full powered system, dedicated specifically to this suite. It may be that I'm among the few that are generally working on projects that are in the 1 hour range. I would like to see development completed on this product.

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                                                        hclmed1 Level 1

                                                        Just thought I'd check in to see if there have been any updates to what appears to be a fundemental flaw in Encore, (CS5 in this instance). As I've described, at random intervals, Encore will simply turn idle, on projects, but then work on the 4th or 5th try. Each time is terribly time consuming as it doesn't even become apparent that it's hung until an hour or more into the process, and it takes several tries. Again, the strangest part is, there's no error, and not even a no response condition. All that happens is that all 8 cores just flatline, sitting practically at 0% while I'm tying to encode an hour long video. It seems that, at a minimum, until this bug can be identified, there could be a proofing pass that would at least validate that there are none of the conditions that have been listed as suspects by the above advisors. It appears to not be related to any data conditions however, as it will eventually work on the same project, after enough BD-ROM disable/enabling, and rebooting. How can professionals use this?

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                                                          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                          I have never experienced what you describe. CS5 (not CS5.5/5.1).


                                                          I missed it somewhere as I read through: you experience this while transcoding, using transcode now, not while building, correct?


                                                          If you transcode prior to Encore what happens when you build?


                                                          Have you tried setting preferences so you transcode through AME rather than Encore?


                                                          I apologize for missing any answsers to these earlier in the thread.

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                                                            hclmed1 Level 1

                                                            I can encode just fine in AME. The problem is clearly in Encore. If I'm able to spend literally all night on it, I can often get it to work after some indeterminate set of disabling and reenabling my BR-RW device, and rebooting. But my last build, though it produces an AVI well enough in AME, has yet to get through an Encore session without just going to sleep as described above, (zero CPU usage, but still listed as running). I gather this has happened to others. It's happening again as I'm writing. I considered the possibility that my NAS wasn't responding fast enough, so I copied all the project files to a new USB3 drive, but that's what's  sitting there now. I can consider some problem with the BDRW to be the culprit, but a) it works just fine with Nero, and b) even if the DVD burner wasn't responding for some reason, it's a software bug if it can't report that. This problem has been around for years. If no one's planning to fix this, Encore should come with a major disclaimer, or just get replaced by a partnership with Vegas or Nero, or some other package that works. I'm fed up with it.

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                                                              Michelmnr Level 1

                                                              Hi guys

                                                              2010 but I needed help on this topic!

                                                              I did encode my BR b4 with Encore CS4 but needed to fix menu and small errors. So redone my 35GB project - and encoding became a problem.

                                                              I so checked all spaces (as per your postings) in both audio and video timelines and could not find any. ( I fully zoomed in the timeline and advance to the next clip, this was quite fast and I think was accurate to see any blancs space)

                                                              Then I renamed my project eliminating all spaces in it (4)....That was not helpful as Encore could not find the project anymore?? So I put the spaces back in the name and recovered the project!

                                                              I was running out of ideas and checked where my project was - It was on a very full volume! I thought it would not matter as I had chosen a volume with plenty of room in it to have my project folder to burn as I did b4...But it did!

                                                              I'm just starting with Bu-Ray and one should be aware of the much larger amount of real estate these projects take and may need!

                                                              I found another volume with lot more room on it ...Et voila - Encore smiled at me again...I'm smiling back