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    Camera Raw 6.1 "STILL WILL NOT INSTALL"  this sucks!!


      I recently had someone from support_noreply@adobe.com  tell me to uninstall my one of my adobe products and then reinstall it. Which ever product had the least memory?

      I replied and go ZELCH response.

      Yet Adobe wants me to fill out a survey on how they did----*&&&(((&%**




      Camera Raw will still not install, I purchased hard copies from the Adobe store, I DID NOT DOWNLOAD it from this &%%**&#  adobe site.


      Why isn't Adobe listening???


      Is anyone out there that HAS BEEN ABLE TO DOWNLOAD THE NEW CAMERA RAW 6 ???


      If so can you tell me how to make it work??


      Sorry not yelling Camera Raw Forum, just hoping ADOBE IS LISTENING, OR READING THIS THREAD !!