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      I am hoping that someone out there can help me.. I have no computer skills or knowledge as it were. I have an .ai file that i need to add to photoshop. this .ai file/s are color swatches that i need to add to photoshop custom colors for a new job and i have know idea how to do this. If someone could please walk me though the process i would be very grateful.. Thanks

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          Kaushik A Level 1

          Open the .ai file in Illustrator.


          From the Swatches flyout menu, save the swatch library in .ase (swatch exchange) format. See figure below.

          Import the swatch library in Photoshop similarly from Swatches panel flyout menu>Load Swatches command.



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            stevenvh504 Level 1

            NoCompSkill, next time could you please use a more descriptive subject line? "help!" is what most of us are looking for here. A more descriptive subject line may get you better help.