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    FocusManager does not see tab children in a TitleWindow PopUp


      I have a all spark class extending titlewindow which I use as a pop-up and I can not get focus to work intelligently within it. It has three text inputs and a submit button in a vertical layout. It is held in my declarations area of my application and pops up when I click a button.


      I can use myTitleWindow.textInput1.setFocus() and the textInput gets focus fine, problem is, when I tab from there absolutely nothing happens. If I extend a ifocusmanagercomplexcomponent and override assign focus I see that assign focus is being fired when I hit tab, but it just stays on the text input. I also looked to see in debugger who the focus manager thinks should be the next component and its always the component itself (myTitleWindow). 


      I have implemented every conceivable combination of IFocus* on the TitleWindow Itself  as well as every combination of  tabEnabled and hasFocusableChildren, focusEnabled, etc.and it still doesn't ever want to tab internally.  I've also checked the debugger and it says the TitleWindow focus manager is activated.


      Having read the entire internet and every bit of flex documentation about this issue I pose a question here? What am I supposed to do? Can anyone confirm the same problem? Is there some magic combination of properties that have to allign for this to work? Any ideas where to start to fix this?