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    CUDA / Mercury not always being used

    hiflyer.x Level 1

      Good Day,


      Running Win7 64-bit on a Six-Core Athlon 3.2ghz, 8 Gigs of ram. Latest 257.21 64-bit nvidia drivers as well.


      I picked up a GTX285 to speed up exports and the first time I exported it took a 10 minute export down to just over 30 seconds with NO CPU load that I could see.


      Now, however, seems that CS5 Premiere Pro isn't using the Mercury engine to export as it's back to CPU-only exports...


      Is there any way to force it to use the Mercury Engine?


      Just tested it again using TechPowerUp GPU-Z which shows GPU load.


      In Photoshop, it shows the offloading of brushes to the GPU, but in Premiere Pro, no GPU load while editing, playing or exporting!


      I did check in the Project Settings to make sure it's set to the Mercury GPU setting as well...


      Much thanks,