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    Please Help - JPEG to Vector Issues


      A client of mine has fairly low res cartoons they want us to print large format. Were talking images 1000x1000px to be scaled up to around 2m by 2m. The only way I can think of doing this is using live trace to convert it to a vector so i can scale it up without pixelation. The only issue here is the original image has gradients of colour, so the output from live trace has solid vector bands of colour. The only way I can think of getting past this is using the blend tool selecting two of the bands and going from there. This has run me into a whole load of troubles though with image distortion.


      Does anyone know a better way to do this?


      heres some images of what im dealing with



      this is the original image

      Picture 69.jpg



      and heres the banding im getting from vectorising it


      Picture 70.jpg


      thanks very much for your help

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          jimpendo99 Level 1

          Anyone please???

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            Scott Falkner Level 5

            What is the source of these cartoon? Were they drawn or painted, then scanned? If there is a better source than the 1 Mpx images you refer to, then start with those.


            You may find that resampling with Photoshop plug-ins like Genuine Fractals (Google it) gives better results than autotracing and can be quite satisfactory. I don’t think you will get anything like acceptable results using Live Trace. Genuine Fractals has a demo mode which watermarks the output, but at least lets you evaluate the results.


            You should also find out what resolution the printer needs. Saying 2m by 2m is not using the right units. You need to figure out the size in pixels. If, for example, the printer says that 60 ppi is an acceptable resolution, then you need to resample to about 4,725 pixels by 4,725 pixels.