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    Large complex files?


      In the past, I have found certain things on istockphoto or sites like that where when I open the file, everything is on one layer, with no overlapping shapes or lines at all. It was like the designer created their artwork, then somehow clipped or cut out every part that wasn't visible. I've got a rather large file that I would like to do this with, as it is vector image overlapping vector image overlapping even more vector images. I do not use any transparencies, gradients, or special effects. Everything is just lines and points and shapes. Like I may create a swirly or two and copy and paste it ten times to use in the background, and have some splatter and music notes detailing the background. Once the design is final, I would like to be able to minimize the size of the file, since I will still use it a lot while going over print colors and shirt colors with a customer and since the file is so complex, every move I make takes forever to complete. There has got to be a better way!!

      I know I'm probably not making a whole lot of sense, and I've searched every possible thing I could think to search for. Any help would be immensly appreciated! Already answered?? Then could someone point me in the right direction? Or at least give me a better idea of what I could be searching for, since I'm not even sure what the action is called or how I could get the end result I'm wanting.