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    problems with mac osx 10.6.4 and gtx 285 cuda drivers




      we have a macpro 8core 2.93 nehalem with a gtx 285 nvidia card that we purchased to use the mercury engine in cs5. We installed the card drivers and the cuda 3.0 drivers for osx and we do get the mercury option for playback in premiere CS5. But there is no difference in playback or realtime layer from not using the card or mercury engine. We have two layers or red r3d footage and they will not playback smooth, basically no difference at all from playing with no mercury engine enabled. I read a lot of posts and noticed that a couple of other people seem to have problems with teh gtx 285 after upgrading to os 10.6.4.

      Is that the reason for the problem? Our cuda control panel tells us that we need a cuda upgrade since our drivers are not as recent as our graphic driver, but the update always fails. About an hour ago the control panel listed a cuda update version 3.1.10 as being available, but whenever we hit the update button it failed doing the update. Now, just about 10 minutes ago, the update dissapeared and it tells us that the cuda software is up to date, running version 3.0.14


      Our GPU driver version is 19.5.8f03


      What is going on? there seems to be a lot of people running the CS5 mercury engine successful with 10.6.3 and the cuda 3.0 drivers.


      Is there any support article about this? Any work around besides downgrading to 10.6.3? It seems that right now the whole mercury engine is not working on teh mac if you are running 10.6.4 and it would be nice if someone would address this, since some people only purchase the whole CS5 package and new graphic card just for the reason of having better playback.


      Any feedback would be appreciated.