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    Safari browser issue when calling Merged Webhelp


      Hi All,


      I am using Robohelp 8.0. I am creating a merged Webhelp project and calling the help as context sensitive from the web application using the Topic ID.


      What Happens:


      Calling webhelp with parent_csh.htm#<productID> work fine in Firefox, IE browsers.


      When I try to call the topic in Safari browser on Mac OS, it opens the topic section correctly as shown below:


      ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 24 13.33.jpg


      when I click the Show link on the top of the page to view the TOC, it gives me a page cannot be displayed error as shown in screenshot below:


      ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 24 13.31.jpg


      NOTE: It still works well in Firefox on the same Mac computer.


      What is not working:


      * Error occurs when the show link is clicked in help page in Safari 5.0 browser.

      * Same error reported even when I include "withnavpane=true" in the parent_csh.htm#<topic id> to show the TOC.




      * Is Robohelp 8.0 is compatible with Safari browsers in Mac?

      * Is there a way to show the TOC of the webhelp in Safari?

      * Why Safari interprets the '#' to %23 and why the link does not work in Safari alone even it works in Firefox on the same machine?


      Let me know your thoughts and awaiting a resolution from sharp heads of Robohelp.


      Thanks & Regards,