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    [CS3 - JS - Mac] Problem with encoding

    Emanuele Radaelli Level 1


      I made a script that perform a lot of actions on ID.

      Everytime this script performs an action it writes a line on a global variable and at the end of the script write this var into a text file ( in the Document folder).

      Yes, it's a log file...

      While I was testing this script through the Toolkit everything went right.

      Then I added a menu action inside the script to call the script from the application and something strange happened, in the log file (wich is a text file UTF8 encoding) and also in the alerts ID shows. Both display text from this:

      "È necessario effettuare una selezione" (running the script from the toolkit)

      to this:

      "È necessario effettuare una selezione" (running the script from ID menu)


      So I think it's an encoding problem...

      I just added this code:


      #targetengine "Lele";

      var Lele_menu = app.menus.item("Main").submenus.add("Lele");

      //     Menu

      var main_action = app.scriptMenuActions.add("Update");

      var main_event_listener = main_action.eventListeners.add("onInvoke", function(){main();});

      var main_menu = Lele_menu.menuItems.add(main_action);

      //     Functions
      What's the point?
      Hope you understood.