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    New Quadro FX cards 2010


      Hi everyone,


      i just want  to confirm if there will be new Quadro cards to be released some time in  the following weeks/months..


      I saw on the other thread, "The FX4800 is  end-of-life, the successor is expected to be announced  this month.... -  Harm Millaard"


      I search all over the internet and i couldn't find any  news about the "new" quadro cards.


      I was keeping an eye on the Quadro FX  3800/4800. Should i hold off for now until Nvidia announces the release  of their "new" Quadro cards?


      i am using AutoCAD, 3ds max, Adobe After Effects  CS5, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.


      Thank you very much.





      P.S. Thank you, Harm for posting a lot of incredible  information about video editing =)