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    JFMerge slow on virtual server with Symantec antivirus

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      We're experiencing slowness with JFMerge on a Windows 2003 server (2 CPU, 4GB RAM) virtualized on VMWare, and running Symantec antivirus. It seems to take very long for JFMerge to process files in the data folder. For comparison, we have an older non-virtualized Win2000 server (2 CPU, 2GB RAM) with eTrust antivirus, and it seems that JFMerge processes the same files 6-8 times faster in this environment. We are converting standard Adobe field format files to PCL for laser printers and ZPL for Zebra printers.


      Our Adobe Central version is


      Does anyone have any experience with virtual servers and/or Symantec antivirus and experiencing a similar slowness?




      Message was edited by: TerjeErgo UPDATE 30.06.10: Problem solved. The culprit was indeed Symantec Endpoint Protection. For some reason, the download location for the virus definition files was set to a catalog that Adobe scans, and vice versa, Adobe's data folder was being scanned by the Symantec antivurus program. This led to a "deadlock" situation with a delay (and memory usage) on job processing in Adobe about 50 times greater than normal! Completely uninstalling Symantec solved the problem, but a better setup regarding exclusion of scanned catalogs/processes in Symantec would probably also have solved the problem; the server people in my company are looking into that now.