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    Missing Link for placed text file



      When we open a document in which a tagged text file is placed, InDesign Server throws Missing link error. The Links palette does not show any links. getAllChildLinks returns zero links too. Any idea how to get rid of this error?


      Thank you

      Musten Jiruwala

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          emerasoft.srl Level 1

          Hello Musten,


          placed text files are not visible on the Links palette; the text is simply inserted inside its container (a text frame) without any reference. If you would like to really "link" text files and have them inside the Links palette (well, we both know that InDesign Server has not a real Palette but this should not be a problem) you should maybe export those text frames as incopy files (icml files).


          Only in that case you will have a text file placed as a link


          Hope this could help