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    Object replication - how do objects propagate?

    nimigeanu Level 2

      Given the following scenario:


      A, B, C are peers


      A - B are connected

      B - C are connected

      A - C are NOT connected


      A has object #1

      C wants object #1


      Will B (eventually) forward the object from A to C or nothing will happen unless topology changes?


      Thank you.

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          in order for C to get object #1, B must get it first.  B must want object #1 so that it will request it from A, and then A will send it.  once B receives the object, it must indicate that it has it.  once B has #1, C will see that and request it from B.


          object replication only works if everyone in the group is working toward having all the indices, and if they share the indices they have.