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    Eleemnts 8: Filters & Watermark Removal


      Probably a common newbie question: just bought it after creating a movie in trail version, want to remove the watermark. Help says choose Layer, then Filter Gallery, etc.


      I have NO Filter menu ittem, no filter gallery, nothing that even remotely hints at "filter" anywhere in the GUI (for that matter, nothing that hints at being a "layer", either).


      This is most frustrating. Under the Edit button, I see Effects, Transitions, Titles, Themes, Clipart. No Filters. No Layers.


      Thanks in advance for whatever obvious (or non-obvious) details I'm missing.


      (Btw, I also want to fade my titles, and I've read I should double-click the clip in Timeline, then scroll down to Fades under Text Animation options in the Edit tab. But guess what: there's no Text Animation options in the Edit tab either!  GAAAHHH)


      Chuck Puckett

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          nealeh Level 5

          The answer to your watermark question is in the Premiere Elements FAQ


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Neale has provided the FAQ link on the watermark.


            As for Filters and Layers, neither of these is specifically in Premiere. They are elements in Photoshop.


            In PrE, think of Effects as Filters, as they serve the same general purpose.


            For Layers, think of your Video Tracks. Because of the default layout of the Timeline in PrE, this can be abstract, at first. Change the view of the Timeline to Video Only (method differs slightly by version), so that you do not see your Audio Tracks. Notice that Video Track 1 is at the bottom, just like with the Layers Palette in Photoshop, and Video Track 2 is above, and the same for other Video Tracks. Those are your "Layers." When you put a Clip on Video Track 2, it will cover up what is on Video Track 1, unless it is made Transparent, or holes are punched in it, just like Photoshop.


            Hope that this helps,



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              chuckpuckett Level 1

              Hmm. The information about Filters was in fact listed in Help for Premiere

              Elements 8. Regardless, the FAQ does say I can get rid of watermark by

              deleting rendered files, which i will do when I get home, and thanks for all

              the fish.


              Elements 8 For Dummies also mentions Text Manipulations (or whatever it is)

              for fading titles, which I *also *do not see in my GUI.


              So there are discrepancies. I'll get this little project out of the way

              (after watermark is gone), then spend some time with them.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Interesting, as the only reference to "Filters," in PrE Help is on using the Hold function on Keyframes to "filter" the actions of Keyframes. Rather than Filters, as in the sense of the term's use in Photoshop, this is rather like doing a search and then "filtering" the search with other criteria.


                Now, mention IS made of Filters, but that applies to editing in Photoshop, such as when doing Rotoscoping of Filmstrips in Photoshop/Photoshop Elements. Not sure what you are seeing. Can you copy the entries from your Help file, so that we can see what the references are?


                For Text, you will want to look into Titles. There is a sub-app within PrElements, Titler, and what you describe can be done with included Presets, or by using Keyframes to animate various Effects, both the fixed Effects, like Motion>Scale, Opacity, etc., or added Effects, such as Blur.


                Steve Grisetti has done a series of very useful articles in both his Basic Training and his Learning Series, available at Muvipix. He has also just released a book on Effects and Tips & Tricks. That, plus his other PrE and PSE books can be found on Muvipix too. I strongly recommend the articles and also his books. One cannot do any better. Muvipix is also a very useful site, as it has a Community Forum, like this, but covering many more products, than just Adobe, plus loads of additional Functional Content, like Menus, motion backgrounds, original music, etc. It has basically three levels:


                One can post/read as a guest.

                One can sign up, and then can buy the premium content, one at a time

                One can subscribe, and all Functional Content is free. It did not take me too much match to realize that with about 2 hours of downloading, I had paid for a subscription.


                Good luck,



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Thanks for the plug, Hunt!


                  I can't really comment on the "Dummies" book, so I have no idea what effect they're referring to. (There's no "text manipulation" that I know of.)


                  But, if you pick up one of my books from Amazon.com, I'll be glad to answer any questions you've got about them! That's the advantage of buying a book written by the guy who moderates your forum.

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                    chuckpuckett Level 1

                    A valuable piece of literary information which I will soon take advantage


                    So I may as well immediately ask the obvious: Which of your titles would you

                    suggest for someone who is:


                    1. Somewhat video naive, though I've messed around with Ulead stuff a while

                    back. Adobe-innocent, however.

                    2. Extremely computer savvy: s/w developer, web developer, operating

                    systems, many years experience. Ie, I do know something about what's under

                    the hood.

                    3. Extensive background in dealing with audio software (Sonar, Sibelius,

                    Cool Edit, etc). Ie, I do know something about manipulating media. Which

                    might be a disadvantage, if the media manipulation is sufficiently


                    My *primary *interest using Elements 8 is creating youtubable/vimeo/etc

                    music vids from my band, but I'd like to have more sophistication "here's

                    what somebody recorded from their iPhone" and slapped up to video world.

                    Hence, titles and credits. I'd also like to be able to extract the audio,

                    mix it with board level recording, and then replace the audio.


                    Got a book with a chapter that covers that?


                    we are www.bimini-road.com, and I also have my personal site:




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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Certainly do, Chuck! Here's my promo posting on the Muvipix forum. If you click on the book cover, you can see a sample chapter.



                      You can purchase the book through Muvipix, following the link under the book cover image, or directly from Amazon.com.


                      It comes in both a black & white and slightly pricier color version (which happens to be on sale now!).


                      I've also got a more advanced book that shows you how to do special effects, step-by-step.



                      Thanks so much for your interest.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        The Audio background will not be a problem, at all. Now, an NLE (Non Linear Editor) will do some things a bit differently, than a DAW. Some of the interface features in a DAW might be missing with the NLE, but much will be similar, or even common. I use Adobe Audition (once Cool-Edit Pro) for most of my Audio work, and it interfaces very well with Premiere Pro, and with just an extra step, or two, with PrElements.


                        PrE has some Audio manipulation and editing, but I think that you will like doing that in an audio-editing program better (much more control), and then doing as you mention - replace the Audio (muxed in the AV file, etc.) with a PCM/WAV. That is basically what I usually do.


                        Since you are on PrE 8, I will leave the rec. for which of Steve's books to buy, to him, but will say that I have several from earlier versions, and they are well-written. I appreciate his efforts, as I use PrPro much more than PrE, so I need some hand-holding with PrE, and he provides that.


                        Good luck,