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    Requesting peer review of coding technique.

      Hello, I'm curious if anyone here can review my flash to see if my coding techniques are proper.

      To start, here's the site: Example Site

      If you click on the top row of buttons corresponding to each section, you'll notice a slight transition before the section is loaded. Each section is a separate .swf file, which is loaded via actionscript to a MovieClipLoader. (See livedocs for the MovieClipLoader API reference)

      The transition animation is responsible for passing calls to the MovieClipLoader for loading/unloading movies, and does so during keyframes in the animation's timeline. For example, when a button is clicked, and "the curtain is down" the MovieClipLoader is unloaded, and then loaded with a different .swf.

      I don't have access to a screen reader to test how accessible the flash is. However, I have been told that accessibility standards suggest animations be hidden from a screen reader via the "wmode" property. Assuming the animation is disabled in the screen reader, will the transition animation still fire events it incurs on the timeline?

      Should I not control loading/unloading of movie clips on the timeline? I believe my technique is robust enough to work in a non-accessible environment. It locks input while the animation is playing, and ensures a small memory footprint by unloading unused .swf files. However, is it the right approach with accessibility in mind?

      Thanks for any input,