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    Unable to Get the Process that is Submitted

    sri harsha namala Level 2

      Hi all,

                  I created a simple process i.e when a task submits in the workspace it will be assigned to a specific user.

      when i start a process and clicks complete its working fine,Me not getting any errors.The process is getting submited with out any errors.



      But the process in not moving to the specified user. I mean unable to see my process submited in the TODO(i mean in Workspace) of the specified user.

      I checked in my server logs i dont have any erros except a few info and warn messages.



      These are my log mesages:


      2010-06-24 19:20:31,991 INFO  [com.adobe.idp.um.businesslogic.authentication.AssertionCacheManager] Removed [17] expired assertion entries from the cache out of total 57 entries
      2010-06-24 19:20:50,741 INFO  [com.adobe.livecycle.reviewandcommenting.dsc.impl.ReviewAndCommentingServiceImpl] ALC-CSV-001-000-ON ASYNC EVENT : Asynchronous : TaskCreated
      2010-06-24 19:20:51,272 WARN  [com.adobe.livecycle.augmentform.FormAugmenterService] The input document that was passed to the operation Insert Workflow XFO Data is null.  No changes to the data will be made.
      2010-06-24 19:20:57,788 INFO  [com.adobe.livecycle.reviewandcommenting.dsc.impl.ReviewAndCommentingServiceImpl] ALC-CSV-001-000-ON ASYNC EVENT : Asynchronous : TaskCompleted
















      N.Sri Harsha