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    CS5: Bug when deleting clip instances, but "phantom" instances remain?

    Colin Brougham Level 6

      Just discovered what I think is pretty annoying, and potentially frustrating, bug with CS5...


      When deleting an instance of a clip in a sequence (let's say it's the one any only instance of that clip in use), in the Project Panel, the master clip is still shown as being in use. The Project Panel reports "video used 1 time," but clicking the disclosure triangle reveals no sequences, as a clip that truly is in use usually does. When trying to delete the master clip from the bin, the cautionary disclosure box pops up saying "The selection you are deleting contains clip references in one or more sequences. Blah blah blah," when it clearly does not. I believe that this also precludes the "Remove Unused" command from operating.




      OK, after closing and reopening the project, the reported "in use" notification has gone away, but now all clips are reported as NOT being in use So, I can actually delete the master clip, and the sequence clip instances remain, now. A quick clarification: this is with some edited clips copied and pasted from another project, not with directly imported/captured elements. I can obviously work around this, but I'd say this still qualifies as a bug.


      Anyone care to test/confirm?