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    Permission Denied from IDE

    aceinc Level 1
      When running an application from the Flex Builder 2 IDE it will always pop up "permission denied" at lines 4 and 12;

      4) var v = new top.Vars(top.getSearch(window));
      12 ) document.writeln('<param name=\"FlashVars\" value=\"'+fv+'&$_lconid='+top.lc_id+'\"/>');

      in history.htm. The only reference to this behavior was on a beta release, and had to do with files in the template folder being read only. This problem does not occur when I move the files to an IIS folder and run throug IIS.

      Another anomaly when I run from the IDE, or by double clicking the application.html file in addtion to the above, I get no error messages. If I run from IIS I do get error messages, rather cryptic, but error messages.