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    Go to random page / state - is it possible?


      I totally new to Catalyst so I'm just learnig to use it... I've been  wondering now several days is it possible to move user to random page  (or state) when swf-movie loads? No luck there yet - I haven't been able  to find any hints about this topic...


      I already tried  to make "a loader movie" in Flash Professional (I used random function  there, then load different Catalyst-swf movies depending of the result).  Then I found out that you can't load Catalyst-swf's into Flash-swf .


      I'd like to use my movie at a home page  of a website and it would be very important that users could see  different pages when they're returnig to the site. Do you have any ideas  or workarounds? I can use Flash to some point, but I'm not a coder so  I'm not able to do the whole thing with ActionScript, that's why I  thought Catalyst could save me.


      Thanks in advance!