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    Frame by frame editing?

    Garry72 Level 1

      I wondered if someone can assist in pointing me in the right direction of how to edit frame by frame.

      I have recently bought Premier and Elements as I was told you could use the two to edit frame by frame.

      As an example, I have a 3 second clip of a friend waving a flag and what I want to do is to remove the flag from the clip.

      I know Photoshop is capable of airbrushing or removing it but can this be done frame by frame in Premier/Elements?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What you are referring to is Rotoscoping. There are three programs by Adobe, that can be used very successfully to do what you wish, plus two slight variations.


          The programs are:

          Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements, or best, Photoshop-Extended)

          Premiere Pro (or Premiere Elements)



          This LINK will explain Rotoscoping in detail. This TUTORIAL will step you though some of the processes, using Adobe programs. Here is a THREAD with some links to other tutorials.


          Rotoscoping is an intensive process, because it IS at a Frame level. To get material into Photoshop, or AfterEffects, one would Export/Share to an Image Sequence, where each Frame would be edited, and then each Frame would be Saved (from Photoshop) to a series of still images, which would then be Imported as an Image Sequence, of 1 Frame each.


          Good luck,



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            Garry72 Level 1

            I had heard of Rotoscoping but wasn't sure if that was right.

            I guess it's intensive but if the results work out the way I intend it will be worth it.

            I actually have another project to video rod controlled puppets, remove the the rods from the clip to make it seem like they are walking on their own.


            Thanks for the pointer, Bill.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              For the removal of the rods, then Rotoscoping is the way to go.


              Though AfterEffects is a totally separate and extremely powerful program, I want to share this TUTORIAL on one of the great new features of the CS5 version - the RotoBrush. This one new tool is pushing me to update my CS2 Production Studio to CS5, and that will require a new workstation, so it won't be this week!


              Now, PSE (PhotoshopElements) can do most of what you want, with the Clone Stamp (that is what it's called in PS), but what I do not know is how easy PrE makes it, to Export/Share an Image Sequence to allow you to Open the various Frames in PSE. PrPro has that capacity, but I will have to search a bit in PrE. Also, I only have PrE 4, so would appreciate comments from others, with newer versions, as things might well have been added, since my older version.


              Back when I do some research, and good luck,




              [Edit] In PrE 4, File>Export and then choosing Filmstrip should work fine. In later versions, most Export functions were moved to Share, so you might need to search Help for "Filmstrip." That should get you started. This TUTORIAL will step you though Premiere to Photoshop.


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                Garry72 Level 1

                Thanks Bill that's a huge help.


                I have version 8 of Prem Elements and also Photoshop Elements 8.

                If they do all of this I will most likely upgrade to full verions or more.

                I will keep you posted if I discover anything interesting.


                Many thanks Garry