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    HTMLHost windowClose never gets called.

    Zobo__ Level 1


      I have a HTMLLoader and set to htmlHost a class extending HTMLHost (ie MyHTMLHost).

      Then I have this code in the class

      public class HelpHTMLHost extends HTMLHost
        override public function windowClose():void

        override public function updateStatus(status:String):void
         trace("HTML: '" + status + "'");



      Then I load a page that has a

      <center><a href="javascript:alert(window);">test1</a></center>
      <center><a href="javascript:window.close();">close</a></center>

      .. Result is that  "test1" link works (shows alert window). close however deos not.

      the updateStatus method gets called (see two EMPTY strings in trace), windowClose does not get called.


      Using Adobe AIR 2 SDK, WIN 10,1,53,64 - Desktop - Windows 7 debug


      Thanks for the help.