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    LARGE Flash Files for TV - too large? Renders choppy when published.


      Tell me if i'm stupid for using Flash for this purpose, but i am in the middle of creating an animated ad for a flatscreen TV in the front of our store. The TV's resolution is 3000 x 1688. Flash is only capable of 2880 x 2880, so I scaled my flash file down to 2880 x 1620. I currently have 9 animated slides in the .fla at a total of 50MB filesize. The .swf file is only 6.5MB. We plan to convert the .swf to MPEG and burn it to a DVD to play on the TV. When i test movie or publish and view the .swf, some parts of the animation are choppy. But when i view each individual slide as it's own movieclip, they are smooth.


      Question: Is this .swf file too large? Or are there publish settings in flash that i should change so it is smoother? Opinions?

      (would AfterEffects be the better program here?)