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    Momentary Hang


      Reader (v. 9.3) is causing the entire computer (even task manager) to sieze for 7-10 seconds. This is only a problem during another very time sensitive process which is leading to errors in that system. I need to know what reader is trying to do and stop it. The hangs occur while viewing a .pdf document and scrolling or while selecting text to copy. Granted, I understand that while scrolling the system will need to process the next page for viewing, but why does it cause the entire computer to hang up and not just leave the reader screen blank momentarily? I should also note that this only happens on our Dell T3500 (xeon dual core, 2.4 Ghz) and not on our Dell T3400 (core2 duo, 3.0 Ghz). I will dismiss your comment if you simply lay blame on the hardware (without good justification) since there is NO hang on the T3400 and a 10sec hang on the other.


      My guess is that there is a process in reader that for whatever reason is blocked/locked out and the code gets stuck in a loop. I want to stop this request to avoid the loop. how can I determine what reader is trying to do?