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    Flex 4 with AIR 2.0 performance


      I have a Flex 4 application that runs perfectly will under AIR 1.5. However, after installing Air 2.0 it's performance renders it virtually unusable. My app has two native windows (one window has controls) the other shows complex drawn graphics and video combined) the application is just about usable if I keep the windows small but once I maximize the graphics window (or set it to fullscreen) the application rarely responds to mouse clicks or keyboard input. Wierdly though the frate rate still seems to remain high.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem or does anyone have any suggestions what I might try to overcome this?


      At the moment I have to keep regressing to AIR 1.5 but because of the way Adobe forces upgrade to 2.0 this is getting a bit tedious to keep reinstalling.



      Thanks for your help in advance.