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    Datagrid Search working, but need to expand !

    djh88ukwb Level 1

      Hello all.

      I am using the following code, to search thru a datagrid, with data being pulled in from a database.


      Here is the text area

      <s:TextInput width="145" id="firstNameSearchBox" change="firstNameSearchBoxFilter()"/>

      Here is the script

              private function firstNameSearchBoxFilter():void
                      surnameSearchBox.text = "";
                      availablerecruitersdg.dataProvider.filterFunction = firstNameSearch;
                  private function firstNameSearch(item:Object):Boolean
                      var isMatch:Boolean = false
                      if(item.firstname.toString().toLowerCase().search(firstNameSearchBox.text.toString().toLo werCase()) != -1)
                          isMatch = true
                      return isMatch;             


      Now this works fine, searches for the firstname, but i want to expand this search, so one search box looks for both "firstname" "secondname" and "email".  No matter what i tried i couldnt get it going.  Any suggestions ?