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    Ae CS5 trial with Pr CS4 - any conflicts?

    joe bloe premiere Level 5

      I am a long time Premiere user, now running CS4.
      I own Pr CS5, but have not installed and migrated
      my currently ongoing projects yet.


      When I turned to freelancing in 2004 after many years
      of post house work using discreet's flame/fire/smoke,
      I naturally moved to combustion for my comp work...
      using Automatic Duck .aaf files for crossing platforms
      to Premiere and back.
      With combustion seemingly meeting the end of it's
      development curve (I feel a bit like I did when I bought
      a brand new Sony BetaMax player), along with the effortless
      interoperability now available between Ae and Pr CS5...
      I think it is time for me to drop combustion and switch to Ae.


      I have downloaded the Ae CS5 trial and would like to install
      on my current Pr CS4 workstation.


      Is there any potential of creating any conflicts with my CS4 setup?

      If yes, I can install the trial on a different system until I upgrade
      my primary workstation to CS5.