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    Same Mouse over, Different Frame (or state)

    RicF964 Level 1

      I'm currently in a Fireworks class and on my last lesson and I ran into a problem, I'm hoping someone can help me out.  I'm on CS5 on a Windows PC...


      So I've created the page, separated the menu text in a black font onto one layer and a copy of it with a white font on another.  I've gone into the behaviors and created a mouse over and it works.  HOWEVER...


      on this same homepage I have a slice where three images that.  When I duplicate the two frames so that I can turn off the image from Frame 1 and turn on an image for Frame 2, the mouse overs stop working.  Do I need to take this into Dreamweaver or can this be completed in Fireworks alone?  If I do need to take it into Dreamweaver, what do I do from there?


      Thanks in advance for your help.