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    FileReference Upload with FLV type

    John Hall Level 4

      I'm using the FileReference object to upload files to a ColdFusion server. It works fine with images, swf files, mp3s, pdf, doc, everything EXCEPT flv files. I always get the following error:


      Error #2174: Only one download, upload, load or save operation can be active at a time on each FileReference.


      I understand that the security model changed for player 10 and that, in fact, it's an intentional message. However, after the previous file uploads, I create a new instance of the FileReference and don't act on anything else until a uploadComplete event is received. Some of the MP3 files are huge, so it's not filesize. The MIME type is set so it's not a server thing. Is there some interaction with flv types and FileReference.upload()?


      Driving me a little whacko after a day.


      UPDATE: In the docs, it says there is no file size limit though Adobe only officially supports up to 100MB. The test file was 110. When I tried a 50MB file, there was no problem. Any suggestions on how to hack that problem?


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