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    Darkening only the top 1/2 of video sequence - help appreciated

    David Zeno Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      Hopefully a good question I am about to ask.


      I have a segment of video on my timeline.  The upper part of the video has a table lamp which is on and lighting the scene.

      It sits on a table, also on the table is a bowl of fruit.


      The bowl of fruit is under exposed ( too dark for my liking ) and the table lamp is perfectly lit.  If I apply a general "brightness and contrast" filter

      over that video, and brighten the video, of course all of it becomes lighter / brighter.  The bowl of fruit then is nicely exposed, but the table lamp

      is now way too bright, and I can no longer see the nice design in the lamp shade.


      I figure I could somewhow apply some sort of matte to the video, but only part of the video, so that I keep the video the same on the top where the table lamp

      is, but somehow get the bottom portion of the video to be brightened.  I need this to be gradual too, so that it looks real / normal.


      How would one go about this ?  - I thought about this and cannot come across any good ideas.


      Thoughts and tricks very welcomed everyone,


      Thank you,