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    CS5 XMP metadata make huge Flash F4V files

    mtvedten Level 1

      In CS4 i had MPEG2 files that I need to export as F4V for preview purposes.

      Four MPEG2 files side by side in one long F4V video.


      The MPEG2 files are exported from Premiere, with a lot av complicated After Effects Comps as source.

      Each MPEG2 file gets a corresponding XMP file that i just ignore.



      In CS4 it worked great. The F4V files came out at about 32MB, just as predicted by the encoder before I started.


      Now, with the same project in CS5, I did the same process.

      Only that the F4V files for some reason came out at about 57MB, with the same settings as before.

      I noticed that the corresponding XMP files for the MPEG2s now where 3.5 MB big. Before they used to be 7KB.


      Then I deleted the XMP files, and let Premiere generate new ones. These was only 4KB.

      I then exported a new F4V, and i came out at 32MB.


      So WHY ON EARTH would anyone want to embed 25MB of metadata in a 32MB F4V-file???
      A file that will go on the web, and you try to get as small as possible?

      And what is all this metadata?? I did not put any thing in there!


      4 x 3.5MB does not even add up to 25MB!!